Saturday, August 24, 2013

Smarty Pants Missionary

This week has been crazy. As in, it is hard to remember everything that happened because it's been crazy.
The highlights of this week were definitely the lessons that we taught. EVERYBODY WE TEACH HAS TO BE THE BIGGEST SMARTY PANTS IN THE WORLD. I think it's pay back for me being the way I was before my mission... aka also a smarty pants. 

We "taught" (I say it like that because it didn't feel like we taught him anything, I think he just thought we were cool and was interested in our church) This man, whose english was perfect, about what we do as missionaries. He is Roman Catholic and it was so interesting because he explained what it means to be Roman Catholic in the Czech Republic. It means that your parents were roman catholic and so by birth you were declared Roman Catholic, you don't have to go to church, you don't have to believe, but you are Roman Catholic. We taught about the Restoration and he said that we were smart and passionate, but that he liked the idea that the Pope prays for his sins and he is forgiven... UGH, and then he said we could e-mail him in September... double UGH. He was so awesome, and I hope we can meet again after he has read in the BOOK OF MORMON.
Then we taught our investigator Karel again. HE IS AWESOME. He is still struggling to believe but we are working with him. HE IS AMAZING. Whether or not he makes it all the way to baptism or not, I just want him to know that God is there. HE IS. ALWAYS. And he always will be.
I got to go on Sister exchanges this week because my companion is the sister training leader so I was companions for the day with my old MTC companion Sister Steglich. IT WAS REALLY FUN. We just contacted together but it was crazy because while we were in the MTC we never thought we would get to walk the streets of Prague together. WAY COOL!
Then we had an amazing training. President McConkie is the best. He taught us about Christ as a shepherd, I hope you can all read John 10 this week and think about how Christ truly is our shepherd and what that means. He leads us and protects us and he is so humbly. It is beautiful. Then he committed us to getting 2 new investigators each week. We are pumped to meet our goals this week. I can hardly wait to start!
I love you all and pray for you
Sestra Bruno

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Needle in a Haystack

A big hello from Prague!
It is truly beautiful here! Everything is going good. We are in a new area so we haven't been teaching so much, but we did teach one lesson this week! It was way cool because on one of the many full days of kontakting that we had, we stopped in a park for a water break after 4 hours of just straight rejection and I said to Sister Bateman why can't we just find someone who is at least curious about us. Someone who wonders why we are here and why out of the 1.3 billion people in Prague we stopped them? Sister Bateman just being the patient, persistant person that she is said, I don't know. And we kept walking. Then we kept walking and kontakting and after wandering around and getting lost for like 30 minutes we found this guy. It was an empty street and we just stopped him and told him what we tell everyone, we want to talk about God and he asked, Why did you stop me, where are you from, why are you walking down this street? It was so crazy. I didn't even know how to answer. We just said, We don't know, God just wants us to be. So we switched numbers and met with him. He is so nice. HE SMILES SO BIG. That is actually the reason why he met with us I guess, he said that he felt good energy from us because people in the Czech Republic don't smile enough, but we smile all the time. He has some pretty weird ideas about God, so we don't know what to expect, but we are excited.
We have also had some cool experiences kontakting and finding people that have absolutely no interest in our message, but as soon as we are done we ask if there is service we can do for them. Their faces change after that. They are so much more happy and willing to talk to us when they find out we want to serve. My companion was way awesome in comp study she said that we needed to serve more and reminded me that Ammon didn't go to the king and say that he wanted to talk to him about God, first he said that he wanted to be his servant, and then he served him. We don't know what the secret is going to be to get investigators and open the Czech people's hearts, maybe it isn't such a secret but I know that as long I just keep going. That has been the biggest thing I have learned this week. KEEP GOING. Life is so unpredictable and hard and sometimes we wonder, why is this happening to me? I can't handle this, I wasn't prepared for this. Everyone else is seeing success, why can't I? But God has given us THIS life. Your life my life, it's ours. We just have to know and trust that God knows us and he knows what we need. I hope you can feel God's love for you, no matter what is going on right now. I know everyone is having a tough time but God really loves you and the only reason why I tell you that is because I know he loves me! And if he loves me and I love you, well love is just everywhere, that's all.
Keep the faith
S laskou
Sestra Bruno

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Opening A New Mission is Scary

BTW Since I am in Prague now, my P-Day is now on Saturday!
Prague is amazing. It is so beautiful and gigantic! Seriously it is so humongous. I'm SCARED! hahaha but it's okay, the Lord is on my side!
Opening an area is tough. We have nothing. No formers, potentials, RCLAs. NOTHING We have been kontakting like crazy. I am talking 6 hours of it every day. But we love it. We actually have our first investigator already! He is sooooo awesome. He has the cutest 3 year old son. We have only taught bench lessons so far, but they have been so good! I said the closing prayer in Czech and I prayed to help us be happy and he loved it. Right after we said amen he thanked me for the prayer. It was a really cool experience. Sister Bateman is the best. She keeps me going even though there are so many time that I just want to sit down and be done! She is so positive and hard working! I'm excited to see what we can make our area in it's first transfer!
s laskou
Sestra Bruno