Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful

AHOJ HOJ moje rodina!!!
It's getting purrrty cold here in Praha... The sun never shines. And my companion said that from now until April it's going to be pitch black starting at 4:30... FUNNNN. That makes street contacting velmy interesting. But I'm just glad we had such good weather up until now. Really it was the most beautiful fall I have ever experienced in my life. OH Prague in the autumn. Y'all missed out.
The work continues on in Namesti Miru (that's the name of our area). We have been getting a TON of referrels. I LOVE referrels. The investigator is like 20 times more likely to show up to an appointment when they have been referred by a friend... and they don't think missionaries are as crazy :P!! We started cleaning a less-active man's house this week and he has been so grateful.(If you saw his house you would know why) At dinner yesterday he asked if we could go to other people's houses that weren't members and talk to those people. We answered really excitedly, yes!!! So he is going to have us meet one of his friends... Service is so awesome.  
Also we are putting on a concert this friday to try to find more investigators. It's been really fun getting ready for it. Yesterday we had a singing display on the street and handed out flyers... and we sang on the Metro on the way to the singing display. That was an interesting experience for sure. But now I can say, I have sung on the Metro in the Czech Republic, in PRAGUE. Not everyone can say they have done that :). I really hope that people come. This transfer my testimony of how the spirit can work through music has grown so much. I know that my Czech is not perfect, but when you sing a song and you feel the spirit swell within you so much you just want to burst! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! That happened for me last week when the primary kids sang a mix of English and Czech of Families can be together forever. It was beautiful. Great things are happening. The Lord is really hastening the work and I'm glad I get to be here to help!!!

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