Friday, May 3, 2013

Prospective Arrival of Missionary to Czech/Slavak Mission

Brother and Sister Bruno:

Dear Parents of Missionaries coming in on May 28th,
We are looking forward to meeting our new missionaries at the end of next month. There will 16 of them – 8 Sisters and 8 Elders. We are delighted! J
When they arrive I will email you (at least - as soon afterwards as I can) to ensure you of their happy and safe arrival. This email may come later on the 28th or early on the 29th - depending on whether or not the flight is on time.
I will also email a photo of your missionary with President and Sister Irwin and another photo of them with their companion.
May 28th  is a Tuesday. They are expected to arrive at 2pm. The usual procedure is for the new missionaries to stay in Prague overnight. The next day they have an orientation with President and Sister Irwin and then go to their area with their companion – again this depends  on if the flight is on time or not.
Those serving outside of Prague have their P-Day on Mondays so you can expect an email from them then. Those serving in Prague have their P-Day on Saturdays.
Attached is some information regarding sending letters and parcels. This is very important so please print it out and keep a copy. Also – please share this with friends, family and ward members who will likely send mail to your missionary.
It is appropriate, if you wish, to send a letter and/or package to them now so that there is mail waiting for them when they arrive. J
As explained in the attachment your missionary’s special 4 number code is: 1281
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
With warm regards from …
Sestra Judy Munro
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Czech/Slovak Mission
Executive Secretary

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